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We consider this program an “internship in a box”. The Simply Paraplanner team wants to give you all the tools necessary to launch your own internship within your firm - including helping you find your very own intern! We hope to help you create something repeatable so you can successfully get your own internship program off the ground and repeat it year after year as desired!

Am I a good fit? This program is for all sorts of individuals. You may be a good fit IF:
So what's the difference between a virtual paraplanner and a virtual intern? Great question. Virtual Paraplanners usually come with experience and at a higher price point. Interns are entry-level and this is often their first chance at gaining experience in the industry whether they are college students or career changers. 

Hiring an intern has many benefits, such as:
  • It's a short-term commitment (6 weeks)
  • You're providing a learning experience and mentorship
  • You're giving back to the next generation of financial planners and helping to break down barriers of entry for so many
  • You are helping entry-level planners (like recent college grads or career changers) enter our industry and helping others re-enter our industry (like stay-at-home parents re-entering the workforce)
  • Internships have been cancelled due to COVID. This allows college students to still fulfill their degree requirements
  • Ability to offload office tasks and projects that you’ve been meaning to get to, while allowing your virtual intern to obtain CFP experience hours
Tasks, you say... what sort of tasks can an intern help me with? We're so happy you asked. Interns can assist with tasks such as organizing your filing systems, documenting firm SOP's, CRM clean-up, data entry, research projects, marketing materials, taking notes and much, much more!
Beginning January 1st, firms will have the option to purchase an internship package, which includes one job listing, a day of virtual interviews coordinated by Team Simply Paraplanner, a kickoff call, and 5 months of support. Not only that! We will also give you all the tools needed to launch your very own internship including a step-by-step guide with a job listing template, sample contract, sample NDA, sample offer letter and sample timeline of tasks/responsibilities to introduce to your intern. 

In addition, we will provide you with the platform to find your intern! We have a network of over 2000+ paraplanners, with over 75 interns already registered for the program. Our interns are college students, recent college grads, career changers, and those with large gaps in employment (think stay at home parent for example). We are SO excited to help these individuals get (back) in the workforce!

We will provide continued support along the way including reviewing your job listing and providing any necessary feedback before promoting it to our audience. Interns will have the ability to apply to your listing on our site during a two week period. Once the listing closes, we ask that you narrow down your candidate pool to a maximum of 10 candidates that you would like to interview. Our team will coordinate video chat interviews for you and your top 10 candidates on February 22, also known as our Career Day. Each interview will last up to 20 minutes with a 10 minute break in between each. 

On March 1st, we will host a kick-off call for all hiring firms! We will answer any questions you have about onboarding your new intern, setting proper expectations, and maintaining a successful relationship. Following our call, you will have up to 5 months of chat support via a private slack channel.

  • You’ve been wanting to offer an internship for a long time, but have been unsure how to structure it
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with projects and tasks that you know you shouldn’t be doing and believe these tasks can be a great learning tool for someone entry level
  • You are grateful for the mentorship you’ve received in your career and you want to give back to the next generation of financial planners
  • You want accountability and support from leaders in the hiring space
  • You are a solo shop and have known for a while that you need help, but have been too scared to make the leap to bringing on your first team member
  • You are excited to provide guidance and support to another planner entering the industry
1/1/21 - 1/17/21:
Internship Hiring Package is available for purchase
1/18/21 - 2/1/21:
Job listings are open for applications
2/1/21 - 2/8/21:
Applicants are reviewed by hiring advisor and final selections due by 2/8
Virtual Career Day - interviews with selected prospective interns are held
Internships must last a minimum of SIX (6) weeks

Internships must be paid

Internships must start any time after March 1st, 2021

Internships must be virtual

Some university programs may require a minimum number of hours for their internship to count

ONE job listing with TWO different job listing templates
Review/feedback on job listing by the SP team

Questionnaire and sample interview questions to help with your screening of candidates

Coordination and scheduling of interviews on Career Day

Kick off call (open forum style) on March 1st

Sample contracts/NDA's for 1099

Curated guide to be provided with sample tasks, projects, and recommended schedule

Private slack channel for advisors and interns
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Q: How much do I pay my intern?
A: The pay is negotiable, but we recommend $20/hr

Q: What's included in the package?
A: ONE (1) job listing, helpful templates (job listing template, sample contract, sample NDA, sample offer letter, step by step guide), ONE (1) day of virtual interviews facilitated by Simply Paraplanner (up to 10 interviews), kick off call for firms and interns, private slack channel, 5 months of slack support. 

Q: Can I hire my intern after the internship is complete?
A: Yes! Absolutely! We hope you have a fantastic experience with your intern and would be thrilled to have you hire your intern after the program has ended. 

Q: Who are the interns?
A: They vary! Interns can range from college students, recent college grads, career changers, military spouses, individuals returning to the workforce after a large gap in employment (stay at home parents, etc).

Q: W2 or 1099?
A: We see firms hire in both capacities and it will depend on the nature of the position. Please see this IRS publication for more information. 

Q: If I don’t choose an intern can I have a refund?
A: Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund on this service.